Panelized 4x4 Above Ground Tornado Shelter

$ 3,995.00

Whether you want it installed or whether you like DIY projects, our Panelized 4x4 above ground steel storm shelters are just the right option for you.  The strong, steel construction is aimed at sheltering up to 5 people from any EF5 tornado winds and debris. Measuring 4 ft. wide by 4 ft. deep, this tornado shelter can be installed in a closet, bedroom, basement, or any garage.  This is the perfect fit for a small family with limited space, and can be easily relocated in the event of a move.  **Listed pricing is delivery only.  Please call for installation.**

  • 10-gauge steel bolt-together, panelized construction with strong, steel reinforcements for use in existing structures
  • Triple-locking, single-lever latching mechanism with keyed door handle for extra safety and security
  • Carpeting doubles as template for easy installation
  • Baked-on powder coated finish resists rust and corrosion
  • Outswing door for maximum interior space
  • 10 gauge panels are light enough to handle but strong enough to withstand an EF-5 tornado
  • At almost 6,000 PSI per anchor, the panelized series is held down during a tornado with between 95,000 and 287,000 PSI depending on size
  • Each panel is formed into a structural pan to provide maximum strength
  • A proprietary fastening system allows the unit to be installed 100% from the inside, making installs in existing rooms possible
  • Gasketed strips along the roof allow the shelter to be placed outside
  • A bolted vent provides a secondary means of egress in case the door is blocked