Extreme 6x4 Above Ground Tornado Shelter

$ 4,995.00

The Survive-a-Storm Extreme 6x4 tornado shelter is our most popular residential above ground storm shelter.  Constructed of heavy-duty quarter inch steel with the most durable 5.4 pound channel reinforcements, this above ground steel storm shelter has made its mark as the best shelter in the industry. It's so resilient that it can even be installed just about anywhere our customers want!  And because of the in-swing door and two escape hatches that are removable from the inside, there is no room for worry of getting trapped inside. Hide your emergency supplies and valuables in the locking bench seat so you can have peace of mind that all is well once a tornado starts heading your direction.  **Listed pricing is delivery only.  Please call for installation.**

  • 1/4 in. welded steel construction meets NIJ level 2A ballistic resistance
  • At almost 6,000 PSI per anchor, the Extreme series is held down during a tornado with between 95,000 and 287,000 PSI depending on size
  • Triple-locking, single-lever latching mechanism with keyed door handle for extra safety and security
  • Locking bench seat provides secure storage for emergency supplies and valuables while providing seating inside the shelter
  • Baked-on powder coated finish resists rust and corrosion
  • It's 1/4" steel body is the heaviest in the industry providing the ultimate protection in a EF-5 tornado
  • Strong, 4" channel provides an interior "skeleton" for added strength not found in other products
  • ADA accessible in-swing door allows easy entry
  • A bolted vent provides a secondary means of egress in case the door is blocked
  • Conduit connection provides ability to add electricity or phone
  • An additional two stainless bolts slide to keep the shelter locked during any storm