Extreme 4x4 Above Ground Tornado Shelter

$ 4,195.00

The Survive-a-Storm Shelters 4x4 Extreme model is an above ground storm shelter made of 1/4 inch steel with heavy, 5.4 pound channel reinforcements.  Able to withstand a massive amount of abuse, this shelter may be small, but it is definitely EF5 ready.  Whether you place it in the yard, under a carport, in the garage, or anywhere else that you have a concrete pad, the Extreme 4x4 is created for battle. It features an in-swing door and 2 escape hatches that are removable from the inside of the shelter.  This feature makes it nearly impossible to get trapped by storm debris.  A locking bench seat for your emergency supplies or valuables is also a part of this heavy-duty tornado safe room.   **Listed pricing is delivery only.  Please call for installation.**

  • 1/4 in. welded steel construction meets NIJ level 2A ballistic resistance
  • At almost 6,000 PSI per anchor, the Extreme series is held down during a tornado with between 95,000 and 287,000 PSI depending on size
  • Triple-locking, single-lever latching mechanism with keyed door handle for extra safety and security
  • Locking bench seat provides secure storage for emergency supplies and valuables while providing seating inside the shelter
  • Baked-on powder coated finish resists rust and corrosion
  • It's 1/4" steel body is the heaviest in the industry providing the ultimate protection in a EF-5 tornado
  • Strong, 4" channel provides an interior "skeleton" for added strength not found in other products
  • ADA accessible in-swing door allows easy entry
  • A bolted vent provides a secondary means of egress in case the door is blocked
  • Conduit connection provides ability to add electricity or phone
  • An additional two stainless bolts slide to keep the shelter locked during any storm